Monday, September 1, 2014

doTERRA September Promotions

Right on schedules, the yearly Immortelle promotion is back. There are three big promotions each year, and they all require a minimum order of 200 PV, but each one nets you a decent free product in return. Running this month and likely into the first 15 days of next month, any single 200 PV or larger order will receive a 10 ml roller bottle of Immortelle -- normally a $69.50 wholesale price. Interestingly, you can actually get Immortelle for slightly less money on Amazon right now, but that will probably change, and buying through Amazon doesn't earn you any bonuses.

Immortelle is one of the products that a lot of women love. It can help with age lines, yes, but it's also good for cuts, scrapes, bruises, and burns. A single 10 ml bottle will typically get our family through half a year or so of use, barring any major emergencies, so this saves us one purchase for the year -- and if we can get together enough additional orders from friends to hit a second 200 PV order, we're set for the year!

There are a few other deals going on as usual. For this month, Juniper Berry is 10% off the regular price. Like most oils, this is one that's nice to have around, if not for yourself than for samples to friends or family. If you time your purchases right, you can stock up on oils when they're on discount, saving yourself a bit of extra money, but I have to admit that my buying schedule seems to rarely match the "on sale/free" schedule. As for Juniper Berry, it's good for cleansing/detoxing, skin care, and it supports healthy kidney and urinary function -- so if you happen to have a UTI, putting a few drops of Juniper Berry in your drink or on the bottom of your feet can help. It has a nice woody scent as well, and it's worth noting that you only get a small 5 ml bottle as this is one of the harder oils to procure in large quantities.

Last but not least, the Product of the Month is Fennel (Sweet), and you get the full 15 ml bottle this month with a 125PV or larger LPR order. Fennel is good for indigestion and any other forms of stomach trouble. It can also help with a tooth ache or sore gums, minor skin irritations, or for menstrual cramps. The smell is sort of like black licorice, and as far as taste goes this is one of the better ones out there. Normally Fennel is a $15 oil, so if you're doing a 100 PV LRP to qualify for earnings, spending $25 extra is almost a 2-for-1 deal.

Of course the Aspire Convention is coming up this month, from the 17-20, so hopefully you can all get there and experience doTERRA Convention in person! I've got a few more good stories I need to post about from my recent Labor Day weekend camping trip, but I'll save those for later this week.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

doTERRA August 2014 Promotions

Only a couple days left for this one, but the "sign up now with a 100PV order and you get 50PV in bonus points" for new Wellness Advocates is still available. That ends August 15, as does the ability to get the free Product of the Month with a 125PV or larger LRP order. The Product of the Month this time is a 5ml On Guard, which is good as we're starting to get close to the cold and flu season -- time to stock up!

Speaking of stocking up, I actually made my first "LRP mistake" this month. We were busy traveling and had a bunch of other stuff going on at the end of July, and I never quite got around to checking out my LRP order and updating it with products we need (or will soon need refills for). The result: I received the same LRP order as last month, which means I have a nice supply of skin care products for my wife. :-)

The only other item to discuss this month is the 10% discount, which is on InTune for August. We haven't personally needed or used InTune, though we have some friends where it has done wonders for their ADHD child. If you have someone that could benefit from that, you can save a bit of money right now.

Next month is going to be a big month as usual, with the doTERRA Aspire 2014 Convention. Tickets are of course sold out, but if you want to go and you enroll as a new WA, I think there are still ways to get tickets. Otherwise, I'm guessing they'll have a remote streaming option available again, which is still a great way to learn about the upcoming products. In the meantime, keep sharing, and enjoy the remaining days before summer break is over!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

doTERRA July 2014 Promotions

Welcome to July, and welcome to the summer heat, family vacations, bug bites, and no school! Needless to say, things start to get a bit crazy around our place in the summer, but it's still the best time of the year in most respects. With a new month comes new promotions and incentives, and for July the promotion is mostly targeted towards people thinking of becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

doTERRA is calling this their "Share the Gift" promotion, and it's something I've seen at least once a year since signing up -- in fact, it was the promotion going on when we first signed up! The requirements are pretty simple: place a 100PV or larger enrollment order, and you'll receive 50PV in product points that you can use on a future order. What's nice about this promotion is that pretty much everyone I know who enrolls in doTERRA does so with one of the enrollment kits, and all of those will be more than 100PV so you automatically get the bonus points -- and that's in addition to any other bonuses (e.g. if you start with the Natural Solutions Kit, your LRP percentage begins at 15% instead of 10%). So if you haven't signed up yet but have been thinking about doing so, why not enroll today and get an additional $50 worth of product at no charge?

Of course, the downside to the promotion is that it's only available for new enrollments -- it's not even available for someone that is currently a Preferred Member who converts to a Wellness Advocate, though I admit I haven't really ever understood the point in being a Preferred Member; you save $10 at enrollment but lose 5% of the discount, plus all of the other benefits like the Product of the Month, compensation plan, and other bonuses. Speaking of the Product of the Month...

This month, any LRP order of 125PV or more (made between July 1 and July 15) will receive a free 5ml bottle of Serenity. That's basically a $11 value, so if you're doing the minimum 100PV LRP order in order to participate in the doTERRA business, spending $25 extra will get you $36 worth of product. Plus it will get you and your team that much closer to the Power of 3 Bonus -- which could mean $50 in earnings if you can get three of your first level Wellness Advocates to all make 100PV LRP orders, and then combined you need at least 600PV in orders (including your own order). Anyway, Serenity is a great oil blend that helps calm you down -- or calm your children down if they're in the midst of throwing a tantrum, which is when we often use it! It can also help you get to sleep more quickly and sleep more soundly, plus it just smells nice.

There's one other incentive going on of course, and that's the 10% off discount on a particular product. This month it's the Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash, which is one of the products my wife really likes. We're going to have our daughter start using it as well, and since it's 10% off this month, why not buy two? (Yes, that's what we're doing if you're wondering.) It works great keeping your face looking clean and healthy, and the black cumin essential oil gives it a distinctive smell that's hard to describe -- but I like it. (Just don't tell my wife about my "borrowing" of her face wash; if it's in the shower, I figure it's fair game, right?) Other oils in the face wash include Melaleuca, Litsea, Geranium, Eucalyptus, and Ho Wood, and additional plant extracts help in other ways, but you can read about that on the product brochure.

And that's it for promotions this month. If you're wondering what sort of things we use regularly, our LRP order for July includes two Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash (each usually lasts about two months before we need to order more), one TerraZyme digestive supplement (one month's supply), some On Guard+ softgels (just in case -- this might last for a month if there are sicknesses going around, or four months if everyone stays healthy), two Pore Reducing Toner (again, one for mom and one for our daughter who is growing up so fast!), and one On Guard Toothpaste (lasts about two months for four of us using it daily). That gets us up to the 125PV mark where we qualify for earnings and get the Product of the Month; if you want to do 150PV to work on the Power of 3 Bonus, add in something like Balance, On Guard, or DigestZen and you're there -- and Lemon is always an easy add-on if you're just short of some PV mark you need to reach, and if you're looking for insect repellent don't forget the TerraShield!

Monday, June 2, 2014

doTERRA June 2014 Promotions

In the "on again, off again" world of doTERRA promotions, June appears to be one of the better offers this year. I have several oils that I always like to keep on hand, and this month you can get three of them with a 200PV order. Yes, that's a chunk of money, but consider: if you've been doing the LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) -- and really, you should! -- you earn up to 30% bonus points on your order, plus you also earn Shipping Rewards Points, which if you place the order online means you get 100% of the shipping costs back in the form of free products. Now on top of all that, if you place a 200PV order you'll receive the Product of the Month as well as the 200PV promo, which means roughly $60 more in free product. So what's the promo for this month?

doTERRA is calling this their "Dual Defense" promotion, and even if you're not as likely to get sick during the summer months, you can stock up for next winter. Every 200PV order will get you an additional 15ml bottle of On Guard and a 15ml bottle of Breathe. Wholesale value of those two is $52, while the best online price you'll find is around $57.20. Use the On Guard to help fight colds, and then tack on some Breathe to help clear up that stuffy nose -- it's a double whammy!

Of course in the process of qualifying for the above promotion, you'll also hit the 100+ PV mark which means you're eligible for commissions and other earnings. Anyone serious about doTERRA as a business already knows you need to order 100PV a month, but maybe some of you aren't on board with that aspect yet. If not, you're potentially missing out on the Power of 3 Bonus, Unilevel Commissions, Fast Start Commissions, and Performance Pool earnings. It all adds up, but you have to share the oils and enroll new Wellness Advocates to make it worthwhile.

Every LRP order of over 125PV also gets a free Product of the Month, which for June 2014 is a sample size 5ml bottle of Balance. This is another great oil, and one that I've used for bug bites, hemorrhoids, anxiety, or just because I happen to like the smell -- some people are attracted to different essential oil scents, and for me the Balance blend just hits the right notes. So whether it's for final's week, the first day of school, a stressful job, or anything else where you're feeling out of sorts, Balance is a nice way to feel more in control of your emotions. There's also a cool video showing the effect of Balance on blood flow, which is what led me to try it on hemorrhoids, and my experience has been good with that issue so while I haven't seen that promoted anywhere else, you might want to give it a shot "down there" if you're experiencing any discomfort.

Last (and least?), the monthly 10% off promotion can help you get ready for all the joys of summer camping, as TerraShield is on sale. I haven't had the greatest of luck with avoiding bug bites, mostly because it's a bit of a pain to remember to douse yourself with TerraShield every time you might be in a situation where there are biting bugs (mostly mosquitoes). Sadly, TerraShield doesn't do anything to help if you've already been bitten, so it requires you to be more proactive, and it's not one of my favorite essential oils in terms of scent (the citronella is what gets me), I don't really want to put it on unless I'm sure I'll need it. Your mileage may vary, naturally, and I'm sure there are some people that will actually enjoy the scent of this blend. Either way, it's not one of the more expensive oils at least, and my personal preference for applying it is to mix 25 drops or so in a 4 oz. spray bottle with water, then shake it up and spritz everywhere you might want protection from insect bites. That tends to work for me, and it's easier/faster than trying to apply one drop at a time to your arms, legs, hands, feet, neck, etc.

That's it for this month, and let me just say: welcome to summer! As a resident of the Evergreen State, I love when the weather starts to clear up and I can see the sun regularly. Time to get out biking again, and I really need to get ready for the annual STP ride. Wish me luck!