Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014: Promotions, Incentives, and New Products

So I've been on a bit of a break with posting about doTERRA, not because I stopped using it but rather because I've simply been too busy with other obligations. I missed writing about the March promotion, which is actually a great one: you get a free Deep Blue Rub and a 5ml Deep Blue with any 200PV order. Well, the good news is that for the first 15 days of April, that offer has been extended. If you missed it last month, you can still get a free DB+DBR -- or if you're like my family, you can get a second pair of DB+DBR this month! After all, with the regular 100PV LRP order, or 125PV Product of the Month LRP order, it's not that much more to add on to get over $60 worth of additional doTERRA products! Note that last year's incentive was better, as you received the DBR with a 10ml roller bottle of Deep Blue; I guess $94 or so of free products was a bit too much to hope for on a regular basis.

There are other "goings on" at doTERRA as well. We're no longer call "Independent Product Consultants" (IPCs) for instance; we're now "Wellness Advocates" (WAs I guess, which works twice for me since I live in Washington). Starting April 1 there's another incentive, which is a yearly option as far as I can tell. Yes, it's time for the Jasmine and Rose enrollment push, called "Springtime Blossoms" this year! The details are the same as last year: sign up four new WAs/IPCs with a minimum 100PV order between April 1 and May 31 2014 and you will receive a free 5ml Jasmine oil. Jasmine is not normally a doTERRA oil that you can buy, so this or convention are the only way to get Jasmine -- and it's a $267 value. If you sign up seven new WAs/IPCs in the next two months, instead of Jasmine you receive a 5ml Rose essential oil (a $567 value -- yikes!) Finally, 11 new WAs in the next two months (each with a 100PV or greater initial order) will net you both the 5ml Jasmine and the 5ml Rose -- and that's in addition to the regular incentives.

Also worth mentioning to potential new WAs: this offer is also available to them! So if they sign up and then get four friends to join, they also would receive a 5ml Jasmine. Incidentally, if you know someone that was once active with doTERRA and they have been "off the wagon" for more than 12 months, they can also count as a new enrollment.

The Product of the Month for April is another good one: DigestZen is 10% off. (Wouldn't you know we just purchased more last month? Murphy strikes again!) DigestZen is the "help with digestive issues" essential oil blend, and you can use it for heartburn, diarrhea, nausea, and other stomach issues. It can be taken internally or rubbed onto your abdomen (or both). I have some friends that swear by its potency for helping deal with heartburn, and I've personally had it help with nausea. Note that the 10% off promotion does not apply to the DigestZen softgels.

Moving on, there were also some recent new product introductions. All three are softgel capsules, so they're basically packaging up an existing product into a pill form for easy use -- though one of the new products is only available as a softgel. First is a Zendocrine essential oil softgel -- 60 softgels for $32.67 retail. I would guess that like some of the other softgels, the price is the same but the quantity you receive is lower, and don't confuse the Zendocrine softgels with the Zendocrine dietary supplement (confusing, I know). Next up, Slim and Sassy is also going to be available as a softgel, with a price of $46 retail/$34.50 WA price for 90 softgels. I'll be honest: despite trying it (heavily!) for a few months, I don't feel S&S is really all that effective for me, but maybe it will work better for some of you. Last but not least is the new TriEase Seasonal Blend softgels, which are designed to treat seasonal allergies -- which comes a bit late as our heavy pollen season is already well under way! Anyway, 60 softgels cost $30 retail/$22.50 WA price. Note that the Zendocrine softgels are not yet available; they will become available for purchase in May; the other two however can already be ordered.

Finally, there are two other pieces of information to pass along. The next doTERRA worldwide conference, Aspire 2014, will be held September 17-20. Tickets are selling out fast (well, technically they're already gone), so if you want to attend you better decide soon! The price is $169 if you order before the end of May. There's also a discounted price of $149 that includes a free 10ml Past Tense roller bottle for new WAs/IPCs if they buy tickets within 30 days of joining doTERRA. I believe new IPCs are still able to buy tickets even though they're all gone, but I might be wrong.

The last one is another cool bonus for those of you ordering monthly LRPs: Shipping Rewards Points, which will start accruing in May. Any order that's shipped to you will receive SRP points, and these have the same value as LRP points -- 1 SRP/LRP is worth $1 of product, so 32 points gets you a free On Guard oil as an example. The SRP points are earned on any order shipped, but you only get 50% of the shipping cost for regular (non-LRP) orders and LRP/enrollment orders, while you get 100% of the shipping costs back as SRP points for online LRP orders -- so basically, your shipping costs come back to you as free product (minus $3 per 100 points redeemed). The program will only apply to US and Canada residents, however.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Those of you who have been following this blog long enough hopefully recognize by now that not everything I post is even remotely homeopathic -- or even related to essential oils or doTERRA. It's true that this blogging started thanks to doTERRA, but I've since branched out into many other areas. Today, similar to my talk about raw milk, I want to visit the subject of food. Except, I'm not going to get into the benefits of eggs -- hard boiled or otherwise -- you can find all sorts of information about why eggs are good (or bad?) on the Internet elsewhere. Today, I want to give you the secret to making perfect hard boiled eggs.

Let me preface this by saying I have tried lots of tricks over the years. Some suggest you need to have eggs that are at least five days old in order to keep the whites from sticking to the shell. Others will say you need to boil for exactly ten minutes and then immediately put the eggs into an ice bath. I'm here to tell you that I've tried both, to varying degrees of success, but that the real solution is so simple that anyone can do it -- in fact, I'm not sure what you could do to mess this up it's so easy! Maybe this is common knowledge to some folks, but I'm 40 years old and I just learned this secret, so hopefully I can save some of you a few decades of messed up Easter eggs.

The solution is to not boil your eggs.

What? How can you have "hard boiled eggs" without any boiling? Well, there is boiling of water involved, but instead of dropping your eggs into the water, you steam them instead. Just grab a vegetable steamer and fill your put until the water just reaches the bottom of the steamer tray. Don't put the eggs in yet -- place the pot on the stove and bring the water to a boil. I cover my pot while I wait (so the water doesn't evaporate too quickly), and when the water is boiling, remove the lid, put your eggs in, cover, and continue to boil (steam) your eggs for 10-11 minutes -- or you could do 5-8 minutes if you want a softer yolk. Here's my batch of eggs that I just finished making:
Now obviously at this point the eggs are too hot to handle, and normally people would send the eggs to an ice bath (or at least a cold water bath). You can still do that, but I've let the eggs sit (covered but removed from the heat) for 15-30 minutes and it didn't do much other than to perhaps more fully cook the eggs. But if you want hard boiled eggs now, all you need to do is cool them off a bit (cold water for 30-60 seconds should do the trick), then crack and peel. And look at how well these eggs peel:
Yes, that's after peeling. And what's even better is that if you happen to have a cracked egg shell, rather than exploding like you'll often get with boiling, the eggs still cook nicely -- that egg in the above image actually had a small piece of shell missing that stuck to the egg carton! I cooked it for 11 minutes, cooled under water for 30 seconds, then peeled it and cut it in half. Here's the result:
Other than the yolks perhaps not being perfectly centered (if you worry about such things), that's as good a hard boiled egg as I've ever seen. The yolks are still a nice yellow with no graying, the whites are white with no yellowing, and you could make deviled eggs anyone would be proud to serve. If you happen to let the eggs sit a while before cracking and peeling, you might get some slight discoloration (gray yolk edges), which is what happened below:
I'm not picky about such things personally, so just add salt and pepper to taste and enjoy. And if you ever have someone ask about how to make perfect hard boiled eggs, now you know the secret! You can use farm fresh eggs (which is what I used in these photos), organic eggs, bog standard supermarket eggs (why!?), or maybe even ostrich eggs -- though I haven't actually tried that and I suspect you'd need to cook them a lot longer. However you like your eggs, enjoy!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 2014 Promotion and Incentives

Happy New Year, everyone! Let me start by saying thanks for sticking with my blog for however long you've been here. It's a bit crazy to think that I started on this whole journey over a year ago, but things are going really well now. I'm not Diamond rank or anything like that, but I've learned a lot during the past year and I know that doTERRA has been a big part of the process. 2013 was a good year -- we got a new house at the end of 2012, painted and fixed some stuff in 2013, I biked 204 miles on the Seattle to Portland ride, and basically I have no serious complaints. 2014 will be even better!

Starting things off, in a huge surprise to pretty much no one, doTERRA is continuing the Frankincense promotion for the first 15 days of the month. Just to recap: place any single 200PV order (or multiple 200PV orders) and you get a free 15ml bottle of Frankincense. Last year we managed to take advantage of this offer three times during December and early January, and we still have about half of our last Frankincense bottle remaining. We're doing the same thing this year, which means that as much as I like Frankincense, even better is getting one of the more expensive oils without having to pay for it (at least not directly)! And of course we're doing the order on LRP, so besides the $70 free Frankincense we're getting 60PV of bonus points along with the Product of the Month.

Speaking of which, the Product of the Month for this January is Wild Orange, and not just a 5ml bottle -- the full 15ml bottle. Sure, it's only a $10.50 wholesale value, but that's better than a 5ml Lavender worth $7, right? Wild Orange is one of the oils we diffuse most often in our home, and it has a great citrus smell that brightens spirits and helps keep you energized. We do our best to make sure we never run out, and not surprisingly it's also the oil that you get with the Empower Kit to use as a free sample.

There are several other promotions and incentives running right now as well. I mentioned the Slim and Sassy Lifestyle Challenge, which is a yearly event. I'm thinking I'll enter again, just for fun -- not because I think I can win, but because it will give me something to work at. Pictures and such will be coming later, and we're planning on a cleansing/lifestyle makeover class on January 28 at our home, so if you're in the area and want to stop by, let me know! (We're actually starting our cleanse on January 13, so by the time we have the class we'll be able to talk about how the first two weeks went.)

Please note that registration this year runs January 1-15, so don't wait until the last day to sign up! In fact, why not sign up today after your New Year's binging, and that will give you two extra weeks to lose weight! I'll be working up to biking in the Seattle to Portland ride again this summer, only this time I hope to have four of my brothers along for the ride -- it's sure to be a party! If you're interested in joining us, go check out the Cascade Bicycle Club site. The dates for this year's ride are July 12-13, but I'll be doing it in one day. Fun!

Anyway, as part of the Slim and Sassy event, the Slim and Sassy New You Kit is available. It includes two TrimShakes (either two vanilla, two chocolate, or one each), one Lifelong Vitality Pack, and four 15ml bottles of Slim and Sassy metabolic blend. The wholesale price is $199, where if you were to purchase all of these items individually it would be $251.50, so there's an extra $52.50 discount for buying the kit. Alternately, the Trim Kit comes with four Slim and Sassy 15ml bottles and two TrimShakes for $150 compared to $177 if purchased individually. (There was a bonus last year for a bit where a Mito2Max was also included in the New You Kit, but that either isn't happening this year or it won't start until January 16; we'll have to wait and see.)

The final promotion to mention (other than noting the New Year, New You is still going through the end of February), is the 10% discount. This month it's the Reveal Facial System, which is normally $60 wholesale for IPCs but will be $54 during the month of January. There are two parts to the Reveal Facial System, the Refining Polish and the Peptide Activator. You can't purchase those individually, presumably as they're intended to be used together for best results. Anyway, I'm wondering if maybe I should get a certain relative of mine a couple tubes so she can try them instead of going in for another round of Botox poisoning -- and yes, sadly I'm being serious!

But welcome to the New Year, which is a lot like the old year only one digit higher. Let's work hard to make this our best year ever, whether that means more exercise, more doTERRA classes, or more blog entries! You know where to find me. And if you're wondering how anyone can possibly afford all of this doTERRA stuff without doing the business side full-time, I'll let you in on a little secret from my other life as a computer nerd: Bitcoin Mining (or in my case, Litecoin/scrypt mining). Again, if you live in the area and want help setting something up, get in touch!

Friday, December 27, 2013

doTERRA's New Year, New You Promotion

doTERRA's latest New Year, New You promotion is actually something I haven't directly encountered before, but it's pretty cool. The idea is to help you plan and hold a doTERRA event (party), and to get people excited to join your business. For anyone planning on holding an event, this is basically a no-brainer -- and if you're already thinking of signing up, again, it's a no-brainer! Here are the details:

1) Pick a date and submit an event (at least two weeks in advance) to doTERRA. The event must be held during January or February 2014. You also need to decide on the size of the event (whether it will be 20 or fewer people, 21-40, etc. will determine how many vouchers you receive).

2) Your event will be added to the doTERRA Calendar of Events, and at some point in the next two weeks you'll get your 100PV vouchers.

3) Invite people to your event -- and invite extra because not everyone you invite will show up! You can use incentives to get people to attend -- hello EMPOWER Kit (Winter 2014)! -- but invite personally, via Facebook, email, phone, Twitter, etc. No matter how many people you invite, I can pretty much guarantee that your event won't be quite as huge as you expect. I've heard plenty of stories of people posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and expecting 20-30 people to show, only to have... zero! Personal invitations with the EMPOWER Kit are the way to go in my opinion. You might also offer bonuses to those who invite friends -- bring three friends and get extra entries into a raffle, for instance.

4) Prepare your presentation, knowing what sort of people you expect to attend. If they've never heard of doTERRA or essential oils, keep it simple -- medicine cabinet makeover, the Family Physician Kit, Lifelong Vitality, etc. are all options. (Did you know there's a new Slim and Sassy 2014 competition starting next month? That's another possibility and one I'm likely to go with.)

5) Don't forget to send out reminders to those who have committed to attend. Send these out a couple days before, and even text them a few hours before the event to say, "I'm so excited to see you tonight!"

6) Give your presentation, be yourself, enjoy the night... and then here's where the vouchers come into play. (See below.) Don't forget to follow up with people who attend, post pictures and other information to Facebook or your blog, etc.

So what about the vouchers? Each one is for 100PV, and you can find the full details here. The short summary is that the vouchers will provide you with an extra 100PV worth of essential oils and essential oil blends -- but they can't be used for any other products (e.g. Lifelong Vitality). To qualify for the 100PV bonus, an individual must enroll as an IPC within three days of attending a New Year, New You event, they must have at least a 100PV initial order, and they must enroll with at least a 100PV LRP order for the next month. They can then mail in the 100PV voucher with the list of oils that they want, and when the LRP order processes they will also get their free 100PV worth of oils. Let's give a specific example just to make things easy.

If next month continues the past trend, there will still be a free Frankincense during the first 15 days of the month for all 200PV or larger orders. That being the case, your new IPCs will want to sign up sooner rather than later and get a good 200PV or higher kit -- I'd suggest the Home Essentials Kit as a good pick! Along with the kit, they choose a 100PV or greater LRP order for February, so let's go with one On Guard 15ml blend, one DDR Prime 30ml bottle, and one Slim and Sassy 15ml blend. They put this into the system when they enroll -- this is critical or they won't get their voucher redeemed!

Now with those two steps completed, they can choose up to 100PV of oils on their voucher. Here are a few options for what I would pick. Several are based on what we use most (and with the goal of using as much of the 100PV as possible without going over, which isn't allowed). The fourth is a list of oils that aren't in the Home Essentials Kit that you will probably want at some point.

Option One, Popular Mix, 98PV:
Option Two, Health Promotion, 100PV:
Option Three, Popular Blends, 95PV:
Option Four, The Missing Oils, 98.5PV:
The great thing about the New Year, New You promotion is that it's just an added bonus if you're already interested in signing up. You have to pay shipping on the 100PV voucher ($8.99 in the US), but that's all and you get to try out more oils. If you can get in on something like the Frankincense promotion (we'll have to see if that's extended, but past experience suggests it will be), you could get potentially $170 (wholesale) worth of additional oils, so almost a two-for-one deal!

I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas, and that we can all enjoy the New Year. Thanks for reading and supporting my blogging efforts! And if you need anything from Amazon, please consider taking a moment to shop through my Amazon Affiliate links.