Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth?

I probably should have done this last week before starting the oil pulling, but today I snapped a photo of my teeth to show what they look like right now. The white strip of paper is for reference, so hopefully in a month or so we can look back and see a clear difference. Anyway, let's start with that lovely closeup. (And I apologize for not shaving!)
Ah, now there's a sexy smile! Actually, I was trying to show as much of my teeth as possible, but the above doesn't do so well. Let's try again, shall we? This time with an even better "smile":
Okay, now that all of you can have nightmares for the day, that's my mouth. I need to point out a few things just by way of disclaimer: the inner corners of the top front teeth are both bonded material from when I chipped them 27 years ago. (There's even a pin in the top-left tooth that you can sort of see.) Those aren't the only chipped teeth, though: the bottom-right front tooth (the one that looks like the right half is more discolored than the left) is half chipped, and the right portion is the bonded material. Finally, the tooth to the right of that one (with the rounded top) is a crown.

All of those teeth were damaged from the same accident where I got hit by a truck. And let's be clear: I am super thankful for good doctors and surgeons, because without them I would be dead. The four chipped teeth were nothing compared to the shattered skull and bone fragments in the brain, and no amount of essential oils would have helped keep me alive. Of course, I also credit God with saving me, because there have been many less severe looking accidents where people have died on the scene. I must have been destined to do something more in life, or I would be on the other side now.

Okay, back to the oil pulling. I want to also come out and state that my sensitive tooth has now gone away, and I've stopped using the Arm and Hammer Sensitive for the past two days. Instead, I've been using the On Guard toothpaste, which has a nice flavor (though I still think NuSkin's "tic-tac" flavored toothpaste is the best tasting I've encountered). Did the oil pulling help with the sensitivity, or was it something else? I can't say for certain, which is why I've started using the On Guard toothpaste again; if that's what caused the sensitivity last time (which seems likely), and if I don't have problems this time, I'll have to credit the oil pulling with helping.

Final note on oil pulling is that I've been using two drops each of Melaleuca, On Guard, and Oregano in a bit more than one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (Costco's Kirkland brand). Today, I decided to add two drops of Lemon as well, and I have to say I like how it improved the flavor in my mouth. Before, the Oregano and Melaleuca tastes were quite strong, but with the Lemon it's nowhere near as bad.

So how much is this oil pulling costing me, though? That's something I wondered as well. The four oils together cost $85 for around 250 drops, so that works out to around $0.70 for the essential oils each time I do it. The olive oil, interestingly, costs $22 for around 68 ounces, and a tablespoon is half an ounce. That makes it another $0.17 or so for the olive oil.

That might seem like an awful lot, but how much does a professional whitening kit run -- the kind you buy from your dentist? $30 at least, possibly $50 or more. I tried one of those once, and I made it through three applications before stopping because the chemicals were bleaching my gums, making my teeth really sensitive, and in general not giving me a great overall experience. Yes, my teeth got a bit whiter, but it wasn't worth all the pain/discomfort involved. I almost feel like oil pulling in contrast is exercise for my mouth (not that it needs it, according to my wife), and it definitely hasn't caused any gum bleaching or other discomfort so far.

At some point, I might see about cutting down the essential oils to one drop each, like after the first month of this (should I choose to continue); in fact, some even suggest just the oil pulling (without the essential oils added) can still be very effective in promoting oral health. I guess we'll see how it goes, and hopefully by the end of the month my teeth might look whiter.

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