Thursday, December 13, 2012

doTERRA Body Wraps with Slim and Sassy: Part Two

After doing the initial post last night, I got a few comments from friends and family -- mostly making fun of me for even trying a body wrap. I have to admit, this is something where I'm a total skeptic. Put a body wrap on and lose inches, all without exercise? That seems a bit much to me; you might sweat out some water, but surely it will come back soon enough, right? Anyway, first things first, let's talk about my results: two hours in a body wrap with Slim and Sassy and I lost one inch. I'm not sure if that's good or not, but going from 42" to 41" represents something like a 2% reduction. In the morning, I still measured 41", so at least overnight the "loss" helped, but I'll have to check again at the end of the day to see if it really stays off.

Of course, I've talked about Slight Edge principles in the past: something done consistently that slowly but steadily improves your situation can end up delivering amazing results down the road. Let's just say that Slim and Sassy actually helps break up cellulite and fat a little bit, so that each time you do it you get a 1% reduction in your waist. For me, that could take me from 42" to 38" after ten applications; ten more applications would get you to under 35". Now, at that point I think diminishing returns kicks in and you're not going to keep getting a 1% reduction each time, but if the fat is actually affected and stays off, that would be totally awesome.

The cost to do 25 Slim and Sassy wraps would be around $30 -- $25 for the Slim and Sassy, and maybe $5 for the plastic wrap and olive oil. There's an MLM (It Works) that actually specializes in body wraps; their cost: $25 per wrap if you order at least four on auto-ship, or $50 each regularly. And there are apparently a lot of people using this particular company's wraps. I'm not going to document every wrap with pictures (your eyes can thank me later), but I figure for at least a couple weeks I'm going to see if a twice weekly wrap will make any consistent difference. If I don't see any consistent difference after a couple weeks, I'll call it a loss and stop the wraps -- and then get back on the exercise and healthy eating bandwagon, which is really the better way I think.

One of the other things to consider of course is that even if the fat isn't necessarily melting away, there may be other benefits to Slim and Sassy -- taken via wraps, internally, or otherwise. The oils can help with detoxification, and body fat is known to store more than its fair share of toxins, so a wrap placed on your body has the potential to help remove toxins. One thing I have noticed when I've put Slim and Sassy on before -- without the wrap -- is that the tingling feeling lasts for maybe 15-20 minutes. With a wrap and the plastic holding the oils against my body, that tingling feeling lasted the whole time I had the wrap on, plus another 15-20 minutes after I took it off. Is that good, bad, or neutral? I'll see how it goes for the next couple of weeks.

--== doTERRA Skeptic ==--