Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to Use doTERRA's Slim and Sassy

What with the Slim and Sassy 2013 Contest kicking off in a few weeks, now would be a great time to discuss the various ways you can use Slim and Sassy products -- including the essential oil metabolic blend as well as the Trim Shakes. I recommend the New You Kit as a great starting point, as it gets you everything shown below (plus a Mito2Max bottle for a limited time). Let's start off with the essential oils.
1) Take a few drops in a glass of water with your meal. I've seen recommendations of anywhere from two drops per eight ounces to as much as five drops per glass. I suppose if you're larger in body size, adding a couple extra drops couldn't hurt -- I mean, after all, a 300 pound man would certainly need more than a 150 pound woman, right?

2) You can skip the water if you don't mind strong tastes and just put the drops of Slim and Sassy under your tongue, swish it around with water (or not), and swallow. I don't typically recommend this as a first approach, but I don't mind the taste. If you put it directly on the tongue, it can be a bit strong, especially at first, and I know some of the other oils (On Guard) can leave your taste buds feeling dead if applied straight on the tongue, so exercise a bit of caution if you go this route.

3) Going with the above, there's the second question: how often? The easy answer is "with every meal", but I'd say you can do it pretty much as often as you like (within reason). Perhaps a better suggestion would be to start eating more smaller meals, though, and you can do a glass of S&S water with each -- six meals and glasses per day would be a good target.

4) Had enough internal digestion of S&S? Try putting some on your body, most likely on your fatty parts (e.g. stomach, love handles, back, thighs, etc.) Again, note that S&S can be a bit strong, so be careful if you're around any sensitive areas, and make sure you don't do anything silly like pick your nose or go pee (mostly if you're a man) right after getting oil on your hands! What, am I speaking from experience? Perhaps -- just be careful!

5) I'm not as sold on the idea of diffusing S&S into the air, but you can try it. It doesn't smell bad, but I always think, "why put four drops of oil into the air as a fine mist when I can put a couple drops straight into/onto my body?" If you have multiple people around, though, this might be an effective way of giving everyone some S&S.

6) And then there's my favorite: the body wrap! This is basically like #4, but the use of a wrap with an oil + S&S mixture serves to keep the essential oils in your system longer in my opinion. I recommend 10 drops of S&S per teaspoon of oil -- fractionated coconut oil, regular coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, or whatever else you might want to use. I recommend a higher quality oil (e.g. at least olive oil), just because it's more likely to be pure, healthy, and full of other beneficial properties.

I think that takes care of all the ways to use the S&S blend that I can think of right now. For the Trim Shakes, it's pretty simple: put them into a shake! We have a Blendtec blender that makes awesome smoothies, and I highly recommend getting one if you don't have a quality blender. I know others prefer VitaMix, but I like the Blendtec approach a bit more -- to each his own. One reason I like Blendtec is the "press a button and walk away" approach. I think the longest cycle is 90 seconds (soups), and provided you've stacked the jar properly you can usually just hit the smoothie button, come back in 45 seconds, and maybe pulse a few more seconds and you're done. Also, Blendtec is a bit easier to clean in my opinion.

For shake recipes, there's a lot of stuff out there -- including the recipes from doTERRA. Something else you might consider trying is oatmeal with a scoop or two of the protein powder; if you do this, I'd let the oatmeal cool a bit first (super hot oatmeal can do funny things to protein powder). It's a good way to get a bit of a sweet taste in your oatmeal without adding sugar or honey. Add in a bit of fruit if you want.

And there you have it: several uses for doTERRA's Slim and Sassy products (or "Slim & Sassy" if you prefer).

--== doTERRA Skeptic ==--