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Emily Wright Part III: Infectious Diseases, DDR Prime, Lifelong Vitality, etc.

I think this is the last major post I'm going to do based on the information presented by Emily Wight on March 20; after that I've got one shorter topic to cover and then I'll probably just post my unedited notes for those that want to see what else I might have written down. For this final segment, I want to focus more on Emily's comments regarding infectious diseases and how we can use essential oils to help fight them.

Starting off with a statistic, in 2009 over 42 million people visited a doctor with an infectious disease. (Note that Emily didn't specifically define what the term means, but typical examples of infectious diseases are the stuff we often get vaccines for -- chickenpox, measles, mumps, etc.) This figure has been on the rise in recent years, despite the development of ever more potent antibiotics and vaccines. With many of these diseases, doctors aren't really sure what to do to best treat them, so patients typically get medication to suppress symptoms until they get severe enough that a strong antibiotic is prescribed, which may or may not help.

Emily at this point mentioned Nicole Stevens, who has been studying pathogens for some time. She was doing research at the University of Utah on how essential oils affected various pathogens. I tried to do my own little Petri dish experiment earlier, which didn't really work out that well, but I was far less meticulous than a real scientific study would require. Nicole on the other hand has access to all the necessary tools and she has been doing far more detailed studies on essential oils and various diseases.

One of the stories is that Nicole at one point put a bunch of Petri dishes (or something similar) into an incubator, and one of those was treated with a drop of Oregano oil. Not only did the Oregano kill off the bacteria in the dish where it was placed, but in this case it killed off all of the other pathogens in the incubator -- back to square one of testing I suppose. Emily notes that the results were so astonishing that the other researchers in the lab wanted to see more of the results. Other potent oils include Thyme (we recently purchased this one and I find it smells remarkably similar to Oregano) and Rosemary, to name just two.

Moving on from Nicole, another researcher named Jennifer (Emily didn't provide a last name, but I believe she's talking about Jennifer Eddins) has been studying On Guard and it's ability to inhibit and even kill off the MRSA virus. In her research, she found that just a couple drops of On Guard oil in 32 ounces of water was enough to inhibit the growth of MRSA for a week. In fact, it didn't just inhibit the growth but is actually able to kill MRSA, which is particularly noteworthy as MRSA can lay dormant for a long time, MRSA has an infection rate of 62%, and it's resistant to antibiotics. Another study found that On Guard significantly attenuates influenza virus infectivity; it inhibits viral protein translation (the means by which the virus infects a cell and reproduces).

There are many great results and stories out there, but after talking about a bunch of the things you can do to help your body fight off illnesses, Emily went on to discuss the ways we can use essential oils to help prevent us from getting sick in the first place. I touched on this a bit before, but one thing you can do to help your body is to do a periodic cleanse. doTERRA has numerous products that can help with this, but specifically GX Assist and PB Assist are designed to help cleanse your digestive tract (and in the case of PB Assist+, repopulate it with good flora). If you feel you have a yeast infection -- which as noted yesterday can cause a variety of related problems, including illness, rashes, stress, weight gain, etc. -- doing a cleanse is a good way to jump start your system.

Looking at the two products, GX Assist is a blend of some potent oils: Oregano, Melaleuca, Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Thyme. It also contains Caprylic Acid, which is a naturally derived fatty acid from coconut oil that has antimicrobial properties. Interestingly, Emily noted that she finds GX Assist is a bit to hard on her stomach, so she uses DDR Prime instead -- more on that in a moment. After taking GX Assist for ten days, you follow up with PB Assist+, which is a high quality probiotic supplement. Again, you use that for ten days, taking one to three pills per day (though many people suggest making a probiotic a regular part of your daily routine). The combination of GX Assist and PB Assist+ on a regular basis (quarterly is what I've heard recommended, though using them more frequently if you have a yeast infection is also advised until symptoms go away) is a good place to start, but there are other supplements that have given people some great results.

I've discussed the Lifelong Vitality Pack before, so I won't go into that much here. Just a quick side note: there was a man present at the event that shared his story about how taking the LLV cured his wife's fibromyalgia after a couple months; so there's another use for LLV. One other supplement that I haven't really touched on is DDR Prime, and after hearing a few of the stories at the event, I'm not planning to try that out to see if that's perhaps what my body needs to heal the carpal tunnel/tendonitis problems I've had for a decade or so. Here's a quote from the presentation to start things off: "The human body heals itself and nutrition provides the resources to accomplish the task."

DDR Prime was designed to support the body's cellular processes. All cells basically have three things that they do: first, they make copies of themselves (mitosis); second, they have their various specialized functions; third, when they become old and are not performing the first two functions properly, they self-destruct (apoptosis). Usually, apoptosis happens in a consistent fashion and old cells are replaced by new cells that are functioning well -- typically, we replace our body weight in cells every year!

Our cells also have DNA that contains the instructions for how that cell is supposed to reproduce, function, repair itself, and when to undergo apoptosis (among other things). When the DNA gets damaged, all of these areas are negatively impacted. You may simply have sub-optimal health, or you may get early onset degenerative diseases. In more severe cases, you have cells that have "gone rogue" reproducing rapidly, which is one of the elements of cancer. DDR Prime is designed to help protect your DNA as well as help with the process of renewal (apoptosis).

DDR Prime contains a blend of seven different essential oils. Frankincense, Thyme, and Lemongrass all help with DNA protection; meanwhile Lemongrass, Clove, and Niaouli help promote healthy apoptosis; finally, Wild Orange and Summer Savory help with oxidative stresses. (Side note: Free Radical molecules are molecules that have an extra unpaired electron that can damage DNA and other cellular structures; Antioxidants are molecules with one or more extra electrons that can neutralize Free Radicals. Most fruits and vegetables are high in Antioxidants.) So that's the basic idea of DDR Prime and its ingredients; here are a few success stories from the meeting:

Emily said there's a doTERRA headquarters employee (I think?) with diabetes that has such severe neuropathy that he hadn't felt his feet in years. After hearing some of the presentations about how great DDR Prime is, he decided he wanted to try some. After three weeks, he came back to Emily and told her that he felt different but he wasn't exactly sure how to describe it; she told him to keep taking the DDR Prime and to come tell her when he could say exactly how he felt different. Six weeks after starting, he came back to tell her that he had full feeling in both of his feet again!

Another story is from a woman at the even, Nina (not sure how that was spelled, but pronounced as a long-i sound). She is in her late 70s perhaps, or maybe early 80s. Back in December she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, and the doctors told her that she was too far progressed and there was nothing more they could do for her. (Note that I believe she had been treated for breast cancer and that the treatments had basically failed, but this wasn't made clear.) She went home with the prospect of having a couple weeks to live. Her daughter came to live with her and see if she could help, and she brought along a "bunch of oils" -- including DDR Prime and the Lifelong Vitality Pack among other things. She basically started using all of these oils on Nina, and here we are over three months later, with Nina at the meeting, able to stand and share her story.

I have another similar story from my friend who is three levels above me; his dad recently went in for surgery to cut out some cancer. My friend is a Diamond rank, and when his dad was diagnosed with cancer he gave him a bunch of oils and supplements to use: LLV, DDR Prime, Frankincense and some others to apply regularly. The doctors initial diagnosis was that there was a lot of cancerous tissue, and they weren't sure what they would find when they opened him up. After a month or so of taking all of these oils and supplements, he went in for his surgery...and came out 45 minutes later. The doctors removed a small tumor, and they said it was much smaller than they had anticipated. There wasn't much else they had to do, though, and now his father is recovering quickly.

Now, every person is still different, but the more I hear about these successes I am convinced that the major factor in getting amazing results is consistent use of the correct oil for you as an individual. DDR Prime and the LLV pack are a great place to start, but if you have serious problems you'll likely want to use additional oils. In my case, having heard some of these stories I am now really looking forward to starting a 60 day trial run of DDR Prime (in addition to the other oils I've been using). Call me crazy if you will, but when I heard some of the stories I felt on a spiritual level that I needed to start taking DDR Prime; I used some of our saved up LRP points to order some, so I'll be reporting back on my progress in a few weeks.

Here's my final quote for the night, and this is the final quote Emily used in her presentation as well:

"All man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature. The challenge of science is to find it." –Philippus Theophrastreus Bombast

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